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I called Mantia Law Firm when I was in a car accident in March 2011. They respond quickly.  Mr. Mantia came to me to get the process started since I was bed ridden. They helped with every step of the way. They were always there to answer my questions and Kathy and Bob both even came to traffic court when the other driver was fighting his ticket of guilt in the accident. They dealt with the insurance companies so I didn't have to; all I had to do was get better. They were always concerned about my well being. They treated me as if I were family. They even helped me with getting a lawyer to get disability. And in the end of the day they were able to get me $450,000 for my injuries which really helped since I will never be able to work again. If I ever need a lawyer again I will definitely call the Mantia Law Firm.

- PM -

I would like everyone that is reading this to know what an amazing law firm this is. Let me brief you on my situation, I was rear ended by not one but two cars. The girl who caused this whole accident did not have insurance and my own insurance was treating me like a criminal even though I've never even had a ticket!!! So I sought out the Mantia Law Firm and it was the best choice I could have made!! They came to me with their consierge type service and guided me through the entire process. I have to say the Mantia Law Firm got me the maximum benefits that we all pay for, but with minimal amount of pain on my part.

- LW -

The Mantia Law Firm is not your everyday law firm. Their staff is top notch and their service is quick. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. Whenever I had a question regarding my vehicle or treatment they were there to answer at a moment’s notice. Let me start off by giving you some details regarding my accident. My accident occurred in the fall of 2012 and I was 21 years old at the time. I was never involved in an auto accident and never even had a ticket and always drove with care. However, due to the new age of technology, there are just so many things we are able to concentrate on at once. Texting and driving should not be one of them. I was “t-boned” by a person texting and driving and only being 21 at the time, I did not even think that I was hurt while at the scene of the accident. I thought I would be okay and just wanted to get my vehicle fixed. I did not know how badly I was injured until the next morning. I then contacted the Mantia Law Firm and they made the process seamless. All I had to do was get better while they took care of all the details with the insurance companies. I honestly would have not known what to do at a time like this but the Mantia Law Firm knew exactly what to do. If I am ever in need of a lawyer for any reason, I will be sure to call the Mantia Law Firm.”

- JK -

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